Productos Química Agronómica de México

Regensoil WP

The problems of soluble salts excess, exchangeable sodium, deficient drainage, and agricultural soil compaction in different world regions makes it necessary to use products to improve soil conditions, that allow the formation of stable aggregates that increase soil porosity to optimize drainage and displacement of salts excess.

• Agricultural Use Polyphosphate Soil Improver.
• Forms aggregates and helps aeration and drainage.
• Helps flashing salts from soil.
• Degrades in Orthophosphate which can be assimilated by the plant.
• Decompacts soils.
• Frees calcium from soil and makes sodium soluble so it can be displaced.

• Better availability of applied nutrients.
• Better soil management.
• Less amount of chemical containers in the environment.
• Less storage cost and better maneuverability.
• Less accumulation of salts in irrigation rows.

• 3 kg bag containing 3 individual 1 kg bags.

• Annuals and Perennial Trees.

• Depending on soil EC (electric conductivity) and pH, from 0.5 to 3 kg/ha..

Field Experience

Potato, pineapple, tomato, pepper, zucchini, onion, lettuce, strawberry, banana…